Police Tahoe -FS19 – v1.0.0.0

CURRENTLY ONLY Available to GOLD or higher Patrons

another request from you guys!

* the interior is a bit different then normal with the speed/rpm/gauges on the center console. This was how the model was made initially


  • Flashing lights
  • Wheel selections
  • Spot Light add ons
  • SEVERAL Police city decals to choose from

If you have a city you would like to be added, please comment below and next update they will be added. I’m only accepting requests from Silver or higher Patrons at this time

Don’t have any textures? Look at the READ ME below, currently only available to GOLD or higher Patrons until the 1st  — Get textures!


Modeling, textures, Assembly, scripting- Lambo


March/April Common_files V1.0.0.0 – 2021Is used in this mod,. * If you do not have the common files Zip. the mod will still work as perfect as it would with it, but no textures will be displayed, Just blank colors.  You will need to be a  GOLD or higher to get these textures

Note: WE OWN/CREATED ALL “Said” TEXTURES in the common files Zip , nothing inside belongs to Giants Software and our mod is a public download

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