Issues with textures/Common_Files_LM2020?

Hello guys! I hope your week is starting off well.

I want to welcome anyone who is having issues with the Common_Files_LM2020 to message me so we can help you install it correctly.

So far most everyone has had very few issues with the new methodologies, but I want to remind you that I am here to help if you are struggling.

What is a Common_Files_LM2020?
The mods we make uses this folder to grab textures we created to display on the mod.

Easy to use, download newest version available for your tier and delete prior version if you have already downloaded one in the past. Drop in your mods folder. 100% works on multiple computers.

The game uses file paths
eg. ../../Common_Files_LM2020/mod/textures

If you unzip or do anything other then just put the zip in the mods folder, it won’t work. The file path name will be different, hence no textures.

If you’re not a patron, you won’t see the textures. It will be pink, or blue, or whatever color the game decides to display.

If you don’t have access to the newest version of Common_Files_LM2020 due to it being a higher tier then you are, you won’t see any textures on higher tier mods. Read the posts, they state what tier the textures are.

All mods are a public download, as requested in Giants Terms of use.

1 on 1 emails with staff at Giants Software allowing us to continue our patreon as long as its textures/sounds/etc we make.

No proprietary files of Giant’s are allowed behind a “paywall” including the .i3d file type. So we make the mods publicly available to everyone, but only patrons get early access to the textures we make prior to our public release.

Each month we will continue to get more models and expand our community alittle more with your help. Then we can keep pumping out stuff like the picture on the post.

Message me with your issues and I will take care of you!

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