Fiat Ducato -Police -Fire -EMS



Fiat Ducato -Police -Fire -EMS 

Multipurpose Van with quite a few features that you will need for your role playing scenes.

  • Passenger Script – 8 seats
  • 3 Skins with light changes, Police, EMS, Fire
  • a few choices on sirens types
  • Light upgrade config
  • Rotatable spot Light
  • Rear doors Open and Tension Belts
    • will fit gurney that was made for ambulance.
  • Fiat rims 

Common_Files_LM2020  v1.0.0.0 Is used in this mod.

* If you do not have the common files Zip. the mod will still work as perfect as it would with it, but no textures will be displayed. 

Only Silver or higher Patrons get access to  Common_Files_LM2020  prior to public release. All common files are textures made by the team.

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