Chevy Silverado Crew TrailBoss Truck v1.0.0.0 FS19

I really liked this truck even though its a chevy, 😉

This is the stock version of the truck before I modded its features.

I still have some other ideas for the truck as far as animations since parts are ready for it, Instead I spent time on the Tow truck version, but ill come back to this as I play with it in game. 



Assembly, scripting and painting- Lambo

Front Plow attacher model: Adam @ WMF w/ permission for use


Common_Files_2_LM2020 v3.0.0.0 Is used in this mod. * If you do not have the common files Zip. the mod will still work as perfect as it would with it, but no textures will be displayed, Just blank colors.  You will need to be a  silver Patron or higher to get these textures

Note: WE OWN/CREATED ALL “Said” TEXTURES in the common files Zip , nothing inside belongs to Giants Software and our mod is a public download

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