B-52 Stratofortress

I found a simple and awesome model of of a B-52 bomber. Making some bombs you can drop soon.

  • Folding Wheels that tuck away once you hit the “x” key.
  • Lights
  • Animated turbines
  • HUGE! You need a good spawn area to buy this.
  • Full wing collisions, be mindful of how big this is when building your airport.


Assembly, scripting and painting- Lambo


 January Common_files V1.0.0.0 – 2021 –Is used in this mod,. * If you do not have the common files Zip. the mod will still work as perfect as it would with it, but no textures will be displayed, Just blank colors.  You will need to be a  Silver Patron or higher to get these textures

Note: WE OWN/CREATED ALL “Said” TEXTURES in the common files Zip , nothing inside belongs to Giants Software and our mod is a public download

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