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Server Access Information

Go here to download all the mods that are required to play on server.

This is the ingame Password for the Server.

  • Server Game Name: LAMBO_MODS
  • Game Password: ninja


No updates to the Paradise Maps, but you should redownload Extreme Mining 4x as Winston is Constantly updating this map to fix errors since it is so new to the collection. Please Message him on His discord about errors you find — Winston’s Discord Link

Extreme Mining 4x Updated-LINK
Winstons New world

This Map Idea has been in the works for over 1 year and grinded this month to get it done

*You need all 3 files for the map. The factories and placeables are loaded from those files and the common file has a lot of the textures for the map we did it that way to keep map size down

*just a note the silos in the mines are not working yet and the placeable silo inclosed is were you can buy water and carbonate for the pepsi factory

Paradise 4x -LINK

New stuff:

  • Custom animated bridges around the map
  • 2 new hidden bunkers
  • Largest dirt field I have ever made
  • Custom lifts designed to allow access to vertical heights
  • Expanded the harbor and still adding more
  • Several new boat docks for unloading trailers

On the map you are gonna find some new mining stuff that is still WIP. (Its not registering dirt put in) frustration error.

  • smelter trailer
  • Gold Washer located at Rusty Mining
  • Jewelry selling location

August 2020 Projects

This Month is the peak of fishing for my normal commercial life beside modding, but we still love to make stuff. We are adding the Passenger Script to all the mods one by one, currently we are using this version of universal Passenger, you will need it in your mods folder to use that feature of the vehicles.

Honda Push Mower Learn More

A little boy has really wanted this Mower for a while. Unfortunately the model was so badly damaged for the proper shaders to work. So in the Blender it went for a long time until I was able to fix all the faces. This was made for FS17 and the name in the modDesc is Fsfarmer11. But nothing in this is his anymore, the model is free on sketchfab.

  • Custom Textures
  • Color selectable – 2 types
  • animated blade

Scania Fire Truck Learn More

Added a Scania Front End to the Utility rear and installed a sprayer on it. Now the game will not spray water, it has to be a material from the Sprayer Categories. So I picked herbicide to be the material. It will only work with herbicide

  • Roof sprayer
  • Flashing Lights
  • Passenger Script installed – 4 Passengers

Fiat Ducato -Police -Fire -EMS Learn More

Multipurpose Van with quite a few features that you will need for your role playing scenes.

  • Passenger Script – 8 seats
  • 3 Skins with light changes, Police, EMS, Fire
  • a few choices on sirens types
  • Light upgrade config
  • Rotatable spot Light
  • Rear doors Open and Tension Belts
    • will fit gurney that was made for ambulance.
  • Fiat rims 🙂

Police 2009 Lenco Bearcat Learn More

The inside of this model was badly damaged and I want to add an inside to the rear half, but it is going to require alot of work and time.

  • Tow hook
  • Flasher Lights

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