Seagraves Fire engine v1.0.0.0 - Beta FS19

Seagraves Fire engine v1.0.0.0 – FS19


Holy cow was this a BIG project! But she is turning out to be something new and unique.

Error Free, except one thing. The model is way to big for this game Engine, but it still work just fine and I have not noticed any lag. I got the model and could not let it go to waste. Let me know of issues you encounter.


  • sprays water using the pressure washer Lua. Author: GtX | Andy
  • Fills with Water and using fire hose you can walk around and spray.
  • Trigger is located on driver side with all panels and hose hookups.
  • animated side doors, At this time I do not have items in the cabinets but I intend on adding them.
  • Flashing Lights installed using LightExtention.lua Author: GtX | Andy b
  • Passenger script installed sooon
  • No Common files needed

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