FS19 Rosenbauer Hazmat Response

FS19 Rosenbauer Hazmat Response

Farming Simulator 19 Mod


  • Flashing Lights — Lots of them
  • Custom turn signals
  • 98% custom textures, few exceptions
  • rotatable Scene SpotsLights
  • Slide Style Siren

Bad news: This Mod may require a Highspeed computer with all the lights and Poly Count. This model gives a shapes Error that is double the allowed amount, I did not see this till after I already did so much work. that is a lot of polys to remove and I don’t see that possible. So this will not have an inside until I can find a solution for that. This is a common error with a few mods this month I got from Hum3d, Just way to large, but did not want to waste the money.

About the Modder: Mr Lambo
I am looking to get a social Network up and running where it can be a easy place to help each other. We will See

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