FS19 Destroy it

FS19 Destroy it

So this is as close to experimenting as you can get, messing with some of the code sends my game into a total crash. I am slowly learning what we can and cannot do with this new idea.
The code binds the object in place till a certain amount of torque hits it.  Trying to push it over won’t work unless it has some force/speed.  They are locked in a spot and lose realism a bit if you break out the whole bottle and things are still floating till you smack it. 
I am working on a wrecking ball to smack it.
Once I have the details tuned in, I have a lot of models ready to be destroyed, like a bridge
tower with ramp – No changes
Fence – someone requested.

You can only spawn 3-4 of these towers before your gonna have serious LAG. It’s so many pieces, not even my machine can handle all the dynamics of 5000 parts flying around

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