fs19 Speeder Bike

FS19 Speeder Bike


This has custom sounds and all sorts of different concepts we are trying out. Once the flying script is converted, we can make it really float.The lasers use the flasher script and can be fun for role play.This is the Pre-release to the 1st, So all you alpha guys get some mid-month goodies.Please let me know the issues you have and try to keep in mind, this is a prototype to something never done before… So your feedback is vital!

  • The exhaust turns blue at high speeds
  • The rear flaps move with speed
  • You can choose either the StormTrooper or scout trooper that loads when you enter the vehicle.
About the Modder: Mr Lambo
I am looking to get a social Network up and running where it can be a easy place to help each other. We will See

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