FS19 Zero 8x scooter - electric

FS19 Zero 8x scooter – electric

So this was made in the blender just for fun to see if I could do it. I decided to animate it and start the scooter gang.

  • Strapable
  • Color Selection
  • 2 engine choices

Just use the lower engine, other wise you will flip alot. Once I come back Ill fix this

  • lights/blinkers

1st Engine is topped out at 36 Mph and handles well in turn, unless u smack a bump
2nd Engine is unrealistic, but realistic as well. It goes way to fast and fun to drag race etc. But you take a turn doing 60mph in real life on a scooter, the same thing will happen.

In order to keep it stable, It required some weight to be added to it. This way requires you to have a strong farmer mod to pick it up and strap it down.
Coming next updates:

  • digital display and animations
  • different designs of body and texture for several choices

About the Modder: Mr Lambo
I am looking to get a social Network up and running where it can be a easy place to help each other. We will See

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