FS19 Argo ATV 8x8

FS19 Argo ATV 8×8

Farmer Steve sent me this model and we did our best to repair all the issues it had with faces and such that prevent it from being UV unwrapped and the UDMI shaded… Let’s just say it was a pain and a pleasure to work on this. The model has a few defects but you have to look very close to see them.


After watching a patron play with it for almost an hour, it can climb the Big  Nasty Hill pretty easily.
It will be in Alpha for a few days as I add the winch and then drop to beta

  • Tension Belts – added rings where the belts clip
  • Seat choices
  • Animated dash, RPM speed Fuel Tree
  • Two-wheel choices, First are the stock Gator wheels from in-game, the second is the wheels steve sent me with the model. The way they are designed they can not be Udmi’d and not look very glossy.
  • Color choice on the body and Gator wheels
  • front bumper
  • Trailer Attacher
  • Dash Lights that let you know your lights are on or not, turn Signal notifier as well

Ideas in the works:

  • lift feature to allow use on water maps?
  • winch?
  • cover?
  • Crawlers?

Comment Below your favorite  Ideas in the works or post your own. This helps US MODDERS build the mods you need.
Known Errors and issues:
– Body Mesh is a wreck, but we repaired it the best we could to UDMI

About the Modder: Mr Lambo
I am looking to get a social Network up and running where it can be a easy place to help each other. We will See

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