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Can I try modding.ninja free?

Sure! modding.ninja itself is totally free, just click a category on the side menu. There you’ll find the many free downloads available. If you want to play around with the premium posts, just login to your Patreon site.

Is modding.ninja GDPR Compliant?

Yes, we use a social media software called PeepSo that meets GDPR compliance

When will posts be public?

Once the project is complete and has been bug tested it will be unlocked. These are known as Work-in-progress. Projects could include, but not limited to;

  • 3d Models
  • Textures
  • Video game modifications
  • Audio
  • Video
  • code

Once its been tested and complete it can be found here Public Mods

If you have access issues…

Patreon.com Syncs instantly with Modding.ninja

check these things

  • Do you have the correct pledge to access the content you are trying to access?
    • Many creators offer different content per pledge level (eg. $1, $5, $10)
  • Check your updated information on Patreon.com is correct, payment, address and etc.
  • Ensure you are logged into Modding.ninja
  • Ensure you are logged into Patreon.com

If your Still having issues, Please message through your Patreon account.

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