C-130 Cargo Plane – FS19

Hello guys! sorry I am a little behind on my weekend release. I was attempting to install autoload on this plane so I could avoid the weight issues that come with the flying script. Unfortunately the autoload script conflicts with the flying script--- SAD face! I had to recode it all so it did not... Read more

Hello hello! more goodies enroute!

Hello everyone! I will be posting more mod this weekend. I am back at work full time right now and doing alot of multitasking. For those that don't know I am a Charter/commercial fishermen and the fishing is good! You can expect 2 more mods coming this Saturday/Sunday!Side note: If you having issues with textures... Read more

Tank Pack 1 FS19 V1.0.0.1

I have been wanting to put all my tanks in 1 mod for a while and make the edits I need to from prior versions. I also added some new sounds and textures for pervious Tanks I have released. I plan on finishing a few I have built awhile ago and add them as well.... Read more

March/April Common_files V1.0.0.3- 2021- GOLD

Update:4/16/2021Added New tank skins for Bradly IFVUpdate:4/3/2021Added a few missing textures for the heavyLift helicopterPlease redownload this file so your helio worksInstructions:Ok Here is midmonth Aprils Common files boys! download This File for textures Add to your mods folder (do not unzip or edit the zip) this file is only good for 1/2 March and... Read more

HeavyLift helicopter FS19 V1.0.0.0

This has been a fun project and challenging to get it to lift items properly. But using it to haul hay and logs as been what I have been testing over and over again. I think I got it working properlyFeatures: Color select 2x Proper collisions winch Lift logs and strappable items Coming next update: Indoor... Read more

Prop Plane – FS19 – v1.0.0.0

I've had a lot of requests for small planes and I have been working on this one for a bit.Instructions and disclaimer:1: This uses a Special script that was designed for helicopters. So unfortunately it mimics how a helicopter flies. I have done my best to increase the weight so you can take off with... Read more

Single Axle Trailer Pack -FS19 – v1.0.0.1

CURRENTLY TEXTURES ONLY Available to Silver or higher PatronsSo this was a requested mod from you guys! Do my best to catch up with your requests.UPDATE: 4/2/2021 Added a new roadwork Trailer Added plastic strappable barrier -----I made these all from scratch----There is 5 mods inside this pack: 2 types of road signs 1 roadwork trailer Includes... Read more

March/April Common_files V1.0.0.1- 2021

Instructions:Ok Here is Aprils Common files boys! download This File for textures Add to your mods folder (do not unzip or edit the zip) this file is only good for 1/2 March and 1/2 April so keep your previous common file texure zips from prior months, (planes,Airport pack)Update: 4/02/2021 Added Prop Plane Added Roadwork Trailer... Read more