LifeFlight Pictures – WIP

Making a life flight building with a on-call lounge for those pilots who are waiting to save lives.Adding this to the airport pack on the next update.Animated elevator and doors

January Common_files V1.0.0.1 – 2021 –

Added new Terminal for you guys! Large project, but it was requested----------------------------------------------------------------------The following mods require this texture pack Airport Placeable pack 1 v1.0.0.1 Chevy Fire Truck Pumper v1.0.0.0 B-52 Bomber v1.0.0.0---------------------------------------------------------Coming soon :)Jaguar Fighter Jet, More Airport placeables, PierceSemi Fire Truckdisclaimer: This is not a mod, nor does it contain any proprietary files of Giants... Read more

Idea pooling – drop your desires

So I'd like feedback from you guys.If you see an idea someone else posted give it a ♥️Things I'm not gonna do.-Farming equipment 🚜--- I've made 1 horse drawn field plower in 5 years for the squad in FS17. Way better farming modders out there then me, like winston. But he is still out of... Read more

B-52 Stratofortress

I found a simple and awesome model of of a B-52 bomber. Making some bombs you can drop soon. Folding Wheels that tuck away once you hit the "x" key. Lights Animated turbines HUGE! You need a good spawn area to buy this. Full wing collisions, be mindful of how big this is when building... Read more

Airport Pack 1 V1.0.0.0 – FS19

So working on a DIY airport pack of buildings and decals so we can make our own on any map we like.You are gonna need some room for the Runway if you go to put that down.Runway and heli pad can have flashing lights turned off using animated parts. Heli Pad Runway Arrow decals for... Read more

Chevy Fire Truck Pumper – FS19

I really like this trailboss truck, so I chopped it and added a new pumper I painted. Added the handheld spray feature to this truck as well. Just fill it with water and walk to the back of the truck to activate the hand tool to spray with.Flashing Lights and Slide toggle siren.Credits:Assembly, scripting and... Read more

January Common_files V1.0.0.0 – 2021 –

I hope everyone had a great time with family during the holidays and new years! I have a few other projects I am going to finish up the next few days for you guys to play with.----------------------------------------------------------------------The following mods require this texture pack Airport Placeable pack 1 v1.0.0.0 Chevy Fire Truck Pumper v1.0.0.0 B-52 Bomber... Read more