UH60 Black Hawk Helicopter V1.0.0.0

This was a mod in FS17 and I have taken the time to UV map it for FS19 as this mod was heavy requested.Features UV mapped for wear and dirt able to load small items in cargo area, The flight Lua is not letting much weight be lifted at this time unfortunately. But Zippy said... Read more

N916MU Police Helicopter V1.0.0.0

Here comes a new police chopper with room to grow. 2 different rotor typesThis mods Original Post:https://www.patreon.com/posts/45092997The Lua that allows us to fly is still being worked on, so all flight mechanics are being tested and changed as the Lua is adjusted.Credits:Assembly, scripting and painting- LamboZippyo - edits of LevitatorSprayer.lua Copyright (c) 2016 Eisbearg.READ MEhelicopter_Common_files_V1.0.0.1... Read more

KA 27 Helicopter v1.0.0.0

So this was a very fun project, I kinda oversized it a bit so you could at least walk and store stuff in the back.Winch is installed, but current version of flying Lua is hindering it, waiting for next Lua update Zippy is going to send me, Color Select Full collisionsThe Lua that allows us... Read more

MH6 Little Bird helicopter V1.0.0.0

I made put this little guy in FS17 and now here he is in fs19. He has been UV mapped to he will get dirty and have wear.Nothing to fancy yet, as I still have the gauges to calibrate and making additional soundsThe Lua that allows us to fly is still being worked on, so... Read more

Cargo Bob Helicopter v1.0.0.0 FS19

Cargo Bob Helicopter v1.0.0.0 FS19

First and formost... All hail Zippyo for his edits to the * LevitatorSprayer.lua   originally created by  Copyright (c) 2016 Eisbearg. Nothing really changed about the code from FS17 to FS19 so I had choppers ready to go for the day someone smarter then me could figure out the math in the lua. Meet Bob, he... Read more

Helicopters Common_files V1.0.0.0 – Gold Teir

 Gold TeirThis is a file needed to display any of the textures on our helicopters   ...simple and easy, just drop this zip file in your mods folder . The following mods require this texture pack Cargo Bob v1.0.0.0---------------------------------------------------------disclaimer:This is not a mod, nor does it contain any proprietary files of Giants software. All these textures... Read more

Aircraft Puller V1.0.0.0 FS19

Used to haul around these new aircraft we have coming outFeatures: Color selection Tension Belts Front/back Tow attacher for trailers or aircraftCredits:Assembly, scripting and painting- LamboREAD MECommon_Files_2_LM2020 v3.0.0.0 Is used in this mod. * If you do not have the common files Zip. the mod will still work as perfect as it would with it,... Read more

Chevy Silverado Crew Police TowTruck v1.0.0.0 FS19

Features: Color selection, body and dash UV Color mapped Tension Belts Front Plow attacher joint - snow plowing using most plow mods from https://www.facebook.com/BRTdesignsWMFmodding/ Rollback bed winch installed on bed, Easy to winch on cars 2 Attacher storage holders for Exlys Hook for towing vehicles. no attacher hook needed to grab bails, pallets or trees... Read more