Estimating Center mass

The center of mass can be estimated by using the GIANTS Editor. Method 1: Click on the rigid body (root element of the vehicle) and then on the "rigid body" tab Notice the field "Center Of Mass" right below the field for "mass" It will have 3 different numbers that represents each X, Y, Z... Read more

Farming Stimulator 19 – Vehicle Specializations

Here is a list of Specializations for Farming Simulator 19 vehicles. These are the allowed tags used inside the XML of the Vehicle. These are also associated with vehicle types named at the top of the Vehicle XML. It is assumed for now that you must match the Specialization with the appropriate vehicle type. Where... Read more

Farming Simulator 19 – Store Categories

So in the vehicle/ placeable/ object Xml you will see categories. This is the area that controls where the mod will be instore while playing the game. Example; You can choose VEHICLES categories tractorsS tractorsM tractorsL trucks harvesters forageHarvesters potatoHarvesting beetHarvesting sugarCaneHarvesting cottonHarvesting woodHarvesting animals sprayers mowers front loaders wheel loaders tele loaders Skidsteers cars... Read more

The Journey to modding

Here we go on another adventure into learning about how to make mods with all this new coding that is provided by Giants software. I go by the modding name Lambo and this is where I'm going to document everything I learned about creating mods for Farming Simulator 19.